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Organizing Aid Distribution without Delays/Confusion!

About MDRA

This application is for first responders, aid scouts, and centers that are interested in providing resources, food, and help to those who have suffered through a disaster. The idea of the application is help organize efforts and connect those in need with those who are trying to help.

Share your opinion on just about anything:

  1. First Responders -> Take photos and record audio so that others get a clear understanding of what aid is needed.
  2. Aid Workers & Scouts -> Canvas the areas that you have been assigned, record using your own voice what is needed, publish, and move on to your next location.
  3. Aid Coordinators -> Publish your location, as most people are mobile and transient. Record what items, resources, and services you are providing. Update often and expect people to get notified, subscribe, and respond with questions.

Sirqul built this app in conjunction with non-profits such as, Waves for Water, and celebrity and community outreach from Kevin Powell and others in the North East affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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